just curious if anyone on here has any info about 2 wells CHK drilled in 1-9-12 last year.  The wells were drilled over the summer, a permit to frac was issued in September, and there has been no other info on the 2 wells since then,  I am assuming the wells are completed and producing, but there's nothing in Sonris that says that. 

I own land and minerals in an adjoining section.  I could post this in the Sabine Parish group, but that group has been dead for years.

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Steve, the wells are completed and almost certainly turned to sales.  CHK simply hasn't updated the status with the state or the required completion paper work has been submitted but not yet reviewed, approved and posted to SONRIS.  The state lets operators report at their own pace and doesn't get involved unless someone complains and the District Manager thinks the delay has been excessive.


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