Today, 3/30/19, Southwest Mount Common Field, West Feliciana Parish.

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It is done at the request of the applicant.  The slant aligns with the preferred axis of the laterals.  Allows the operator to take full advantage of spacing regs.

Unit is most probably tied to the preferred lateral orientation of the planned laterals in this area. This direction is not necessarily N-S.

Failure to drill laterals in the proper direction negatively impacts fracture stimulation efficiency and well results.

I apologize for the answers that are redundant with what Jay and Skip have just noted - I missed their comments before putting mine out there!

I'd say that about covers it.  LOL!

Thanks Skip!  I see that now.

You're welcome, Lisa

Erwin #1 was 16 days drilling @ 12,462' on Friday, 4/12.

Appears to be drilling pretty fast.

Vertical hole should go quickly barring complications. Things will slow once they start drilling curve and get set up for go horizontal.

Erwin #1 was 23 days drilling ahead @ 12,932' on Friday, 4/19.

Only 470' of progress in past week - have to assume either drilling problems or lots of tripping and changing out BHA to start drilling curve for lateral.

One option good - the other not so good!

Time will tell.

Rock Man "detail" states "core to 13215'" could this be why the depth only progressed 470' this past week? and why would they core at this depth? I thought the AC was much deeper.

It is SOP for LA operators to permit a TVD deeper than their intended target.  No one wants to pay for an idle rig while hurrying to get an amended permit from the state in order to drill a little deeper.  The state doesn't check the formation listed on the permit in regard to permitted depth as far as I know.  The permit will state whatever the operator places in that blank.  Now, when the well is completed and producing, the state will perform some due diligence to determine the correct depth.  It is not unusual to see a well permitted for a specific zone/formation and then to be reported complete in another.


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