anyone know if this company is still in business?  Shreveport HQ.

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Yep, they're still around.  Just wondering or do you need to get in touch with them?

need to talk with someone.  They operate a couple of wells in DeSoto Parish in which I own a very small interest.  Wells are producing, but I got not royalty check all of 2019.  I called and got and answering machine.  I left my name and phone number, but haven't heard back.

This is usually due to minimum royalty being less than $100 for the year.  When I worked for them they sent out one payment per year as a courtesy even if less than $100 but that gets expensive with thousands of checks.  Maybe they have changed the policy. Another reason would be if the well payment would be put in suspense for some reason (dispute of some kind or unable to locate interest owner).  I'll point the acct to this post.

understood.  I thought it was La. law that they have to pay once a year, no matter how small.  Maybe that's not correct.

Maybe so.  Haven't been in LA in a decade.

I'm in the same boat with some old interest I own with another company.  I would actually prefer not getting paid every year since the cost to upgrade the tax program is as much as the royalty.

Cypress has over 90 active wells right now / mostly in N Louisiana but a few in NE Texas

thanks.  I'll get in touch with them, one way or the other.


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