Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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I should have included the cost break out for your review.  Here it is.


Thanks for posting this

Nothing about coring / may be lumped into another category

$1.8+ Million for Labor and Supervision???!!!!

Hey guys,  there is no production posting for May on this well.  How long can they delay posting?

There is no delay, just standard procedure.  Cumulative production is not known until after the close of the last day of the month.  The operator then has a mandated time period to report to the state.  Then the state has to process the report and enter the production in the database.  Therefore, May production will appear in the database six to eight weeks from the last day of the month.  So look for May volume in the second half of July.  This is the case with all wells, not just this one.

thx Skip.

You're welcome, Hydro.

Based on the normal production decline through April, I would expect May production to be about 4,500 BBL

Last year (2017) Chesapeake was regularly drilling  Haynesville CUL wells to 21,000' for $4 million or so.  The bigger expense was the completion cost which would take the total well cost to $11 million or so for the 10,000' lateral wells.  I would guess that in time EOG could get the actual drilling cost of an AC well below the $9+ million reported on the Eagles Ranch well, though the completion cost will likely rise above the $2.7 million reported on the Eagles Ranch.

If Chesapeake can drill a 10,000' Haynesville for $4 or $5 million, I don't know why EOG couldn't drill a 4'000 or 5,000' lateral Ac well for way less than $9+million.

Not all areas are the same - differences in drilling Haynesville vs AC in the formations, casing needs, pressure, and other hole conditions.

Does anybody know if EOG is still planning to drill in Avoyelles look like everybody is moving either in Rapides are Saint Landry parish Don't know if it is the result of the Eagle Ranch well Seen they had state leased sale and every thing went quiet since then
We won't know until EOG files new permit, but based on EOG approach in other areas, I would expect them to drill at least one more well in Avoyelles area. First well has made over 90,000 BO in first few months- that is pretty positive for first well in new play area IMO.


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