In addition to this... I read another article on Bloomberg... Musk might have his sights on The Haynesville Shale formation as a natural gas source... as well as drilling his own natural gas wells near Corpus Christi.

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Interesting... I have heard about the possibility of Elon Musk purchasing a company here is Oregon that has been exploring new and improved ways to convert Natural Gas into Electricity with Units that can be installed in Businesses and Residential. Their Conversion Units are about the size of a small Dorm Refrigerator.  My Wife was working for the Company until Covid hit and shut them down... then they were hit with more financial issues as their Investors pulled out. Elon is said to be toying with idea of buying them and their technology outright, which could tie in directly with his interest in the Haynesville Shale... maybe? Could be a great thing for Shale Owners... would love to hear more! 

Could tie into Skip Peel's Post as well.... 

"A sweeping overhaul could make the gas system a much cleaner energy source"

If natural gas is to have a long term roll in our national energy policy, companies need to quit dragging their feet and get busy with serious efforts to eliminate fugitive emissions.  I have been harping on this for years.  Since the Obama Clean Power Program was opposed by the O&G industry writ large.  The CPP would have eliminated coal on an expedited timeline when the only proven and economic alternative was natural gas.  That would have been the opportunity to prioritize natural gas.  We missed it.  Now some companies are talking the talk and walking the walk on emissions, flaring and hardening of infrastructure.  Some limit themselves to just the talk part.  The writing has been on the wall for many years and the window is now smaller and slowly closing.  If natural gas misses this chance, there may not be another.  Some alternatives to methane are here now and more or on the way.


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