An EOG Pointe Coupee drilling permit has been filed. The well will be located: Sec 29 – Twn 04S – Range 09E.

This looks like a deep downdip test of the Austin Chalk.

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The 9 5/8" is the surface casing string.  The next will be the intermediate which should be set down to the "kick off" point where the wellbore will be transitioned to the horizontal.

Pure speculation on my part but I do not think there is any intent to do a lateral.  Over on the Fontaine well they went straight down, no lateral and booked the well as a gas well.  I am pretty sure that was their intent on the Fontaine Farms well which is two miles to the west of the Brunswick well was for oil not gas.  To the South, south west is a Tuscaloosa Trend gas well that is below 18,000 feet and so far as I know is in production.  Most of the Morganza Tuscaloosa Trend wells are still in production.  To the East there was the Wilbert well which is abandoned.  While that well was in production the Morrison Farm, Inc had about six acres of the unit for that well.  The Wilbert well lasted about two plus years so was done with about 1986, maybe as early as 1985. The Wilbert well was also a Tuscaloosa Trend well.  I do not think anybody is going to drill a gas well as gas is dirt cheap right now.  EOG is looking for oil. 

There is no reason to use a 7+" intermediate casing string in a vertical well.  A 5" will do the job and is much cheaper.


You almost always run a 7" or larger intermediate string on a vertical well, this allows you to run a 4.5 or 5.5" production string.  On newer Austin Chalk horizontal wells, operators often run 9 5/8" intermediate string.

Thanks, Chopman.  That's larger diameter than I'm used to seeing but specializing in the Haynesville/Bossier shale play, I don't review a lot of new version vertical wells.  Would the larger production string have a relationship to oil wells, more so than gas wells?

I think most operators use at least a 7 5/8 intermediate casing string,  even in the Haynesville.  Exco design for Haynesville below:

7 5/8 is what I am used to seeing in the Haynesville.  All the wells are horizontals so they must have at least that diameter casing to accommodate the 5 1/2" final casing string for completion ops.

Good visual, thanks.

Can anybody tell what is happening with this well?

7/3 a permit to perf and frac  Austin Chalk 13450-13470 w/200000 lbs sand. Interval F/13062-18205

Today they have drld to 13770 and logging

They are drilling a horizontal Wilcox test. 

Correction, vertical Wilcox well. Perforating 20 feet of vertical Wilcox.

They have requested a permit to perforate at 13,350' t0 13,370'.  They also intend to frack with 200,000 of sand.  So they must have found what they are looking for.  Let's hope it is a success.

My fingers are crossed.


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