A Dixie, Louisiana family made a startling discovery recently when they lit a flame next to the water coming out of their household faucet and it burst into flames.  They don't live far from a natural gas drilling site, but experts say that may have nothing to do with it.

The Parker family has two houses on property that shares a private well. They explained they've been having issues with their water for about a year, but didn't know how serious it was until now. ....

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I would think that you have the same situation with gas coming from the water wells within a couple of miles radius of this well and have been producing gas for many years past.

The Caddo Pine Island Field is over a hundred years old.  There are thousands of older oil wells producing from shallow depths close to the aquifer taped by the local wells (1000 to 2000').  The chance that this has anything to do with current drilling at depths of 9000' to 10000' is slim. 

I agree with both of your assessment - I intentionally left the name of the company identified in the article off the headline and out of the excerpt.  

Whose going to take Josh Stone Duck hunting in Dixie?

Carter, do you mean Josh Fox of Gasland infamy?

I volunteer to take Joss Stone duck hunting. 

LOL!  Get in line, ledlights.

How about Dick Cheney?

This type of story gets printed from time to time and you never really get to hear the outcome of the investigation, which is a bit unfair to the energy producers because it truly is not a "leak" from a nearby Haynesville well. If it were, the flame would be just a tad higher than the curtains.

What I do find interesting as I listen to other folks discuss this sort of story is that there are some very educated people who fall for it.  No matter how much you educate them, they continue to argue with you about it. I've quit trying and just sort of smile to myself as I listen to the latest catastrophe.  

Would suggest not smoking in the bath tub...

Methane, yes. Now, A little trivia. True story.

In the late '60' I was working as geologist in eastern North Carolina near Whiteville. David Brinkley, a native of the area, came on national news and told that natural gas which was 99,9% pure. I was working in the swamps where the "find" was reported. So, I decided to do a little experiment. I got a quart jar and inverted it at water surface and stirred the mud with a stick and caught some gas and stuck match in the jar, and sure enough it burned briefly.

Naturally everyone wanted to get in the play..I was approached by some of the local hucksters to help them get some geophysical work done. Local opportunists started selling shares to locals, limited to certain number of shares. Alas, as a government employee I could not get  too involved. Perhaps we should go down to some sloughs in Dorcheat bottoms. Might be more profitable to start making moonshine, or build a crematorium there. Perhaps natural gas will do the job of cremation. See recent article in S'port  Times.



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