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Unspecified potential of LA AC to increase production in COP lower 48 positions? Could things be heating up??

The comments about the AC in Louisiana and typical of what companies say @ new plays. Lots of "subjunctive" phrases on possible impact. However, most public companies won't even mention unproven plays since they don't want to explain to analysts what happened if play doesn't work. Do La AC being mentioned is a plus. As always, time will tell. And I think we are still 12-24 months from some solid results.

I don't want to wait that long.  :-)

I was listening to a Houston radio station that would immediate give car trade in values.  A guy called in saying he had bought a Chrysler crossfire sport coupe that was poorly regarded as a collectible car.  He asked the radio guy how long will it be before it becomes a collectible car.  He replied to the guy, "you won't live that long!"  Reminded me of Skip's comment and I've always thought that was a funny; but true comeback.


Wonder what Kirk would say about COP plans?

Check his blog.  He just made a new post.  It's mostly about EOG but worth the read for his overall view.

look up, Amelia Resources

Did sonris put out a report this month on the McKowen? I would look it up but I can’t get sonris to co-operate. 

No updated production.  You can bet you last dollar if the production is good after the tubing installation it will be all over the above mentioned website.


I know he sells leases and he will be really happy about any good news

Kirk is a cheerleader.  He will always try to look on the positive side of the play areas he has leased.


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