The down turn in oil is more complicated than you might think. Its not just about supply and demand other forces are at work we may never know about. I have been involved in the patch from my teens. When I was young I didn't know much but time and experience has given me some good insights to some Facts about the industry and some of the controlling factors. The investing world controls more than you think. Now I am not hear to discuss what has happened but what can happen. I would like to get feed back from this audience to a Project that I have put together on I am working at crowd funding making sure I don't cross up with Securities Laws. When you check out the site it is designed to help people get a return that we all see the big companies getting. I have a lease in ground zero of the TMS, I have all the geology, I have 4 geologist reports and 100% oil tops and bottoms. At $35 dollar oil my first well will me a money maker. The rising prices will only make things better and they will rise.

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Mr. Rayburn, first of all good luck to you.  Are you contemplating drilling horizontal wells?  And, if so, you are stating that you can make a profit at $35/barrel?  Last of all, you really should smile in your head shot.

No sir they are vertical although the horizontal well price has come down quite a bit sir. I for one follow the mind set of laterals less than 5,000 feet and my reasons are my own as well EOG has the best tract record doing just that. What I asked was a response to the program I have put together, understanding I would need to do some possible corrections. As far as the drilling and completions I myself as well as the men that work with me our experience will speak for us when the time comes. I knowledge of formations and what we have has already been verified by geologist. If you know something we don't I would appreciate your knowledge as well. The TMS just happens to be the source rock for upper and lower sands of which many have not been tapped.


I'm sorry, can't help myself.

Thank you for at least reading. I am moving as fast as I can, having to learn  much about mass media and its use. The concept was one I thought that many might be interested in.

So how much share will $500 get me and when will it start paying out?  I once invested in the Barham, P.T. well, but it was a circus.  

The purpose of the small amount is to give an opportunity to more people and make it easy for them. The amount as you should know would be considered small. Based upon our computations with well production in our area over a 30 period. We took the day averages of production, the feet of perfs in each well, and run comparison on what we are going to do. With this we we determined that a membership of $550 dollar would at minimum be able to  have a 100% return the first year. The first 3 years according to all well performances run pretty consistent before a decline in production begins to occur. So we feel that a participant should at minimum with today's oil prices at least over 3 years experience a 300% return. At this price we are offering its not a get rich for that cause we are attempting to build a program with opportunity in the event of a major hit on a person life due to what ever they can get help. If you are interested just use the email on the website and as far as the start time I will let you know at a closer time. I have been in wells myself that in the past did not turn out as well, but I assure you my investment in those wells were extremely higher. I am not interested in any one experiencing a loss of a dime for this reason I have used the most conservative figure's with the least amount to not make it a circus for book keeping.

Thank you sir.  All constructive comments will be used to make our program work.

I thought it was against the rules to promote personal deals/solicit on this website?

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Thank You



Not soliciting anything here I asked for personal opinions about a program I am putting together.

Douglas, I am behind you and wish you the best of luck in your quest to find a cheaper way to drill the TMS. I am a landman and if I could be of any help in what you are doing then please let me know. I do know of a hole that could be of interest to you if you would be interested in going back in. Lets talk?


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