Jerry Jones Visits Marshall, Texas... Marshall, Texas

From: The Marshall News Messenger 11/20.2019

A Dallas Cowboys private plane was spotted at the Harrison County airport on Tuesday, carrying the football team’s owner, Jerry Jones, officials confirmed.

A member of Jones’ staff told the News Messenger while at the airport that the professional football team owner was in town for a speech. The location was not disclosed.

As news traveled of Jones’ visit, a host of Cowboys fans made their way to the airport, lining along the fence for a glimpse of the owner and his jet.

“It’s the highlight of the day,” said Tyler Evans, who is the fixed base operator manager at the airport.

“Not a whole lot happens around here,” he teased.

Evans said Jones is the second notable figure in the sports arena to grace the airport in the last few weeks. LSU’s coach came not too long ago for a scouting trip, he said.

Paula Heath, a Cowboys’ fan and local daycare owner, came to snap a photo after seeing a Facebook live video on the News Messenger’s Facebook page. Heath said the sighting of the Cowboy’s plane was particularly interesting to have in a small town.

“I wish my husband was here,” she chuckled, sharing her husband is a true, die-hard fan.

Although not a football enthusiast, Tonya Stebens was also excited about Jones’ visit.

“I don’t even watch football, but I just wanted to see what was going on,” she beamed.

Jones is no stranger to the Harrison County area as the natural gas company he owns made a big bet recently on the Haynesville shale in East Texas.

The Houston Chronicle reported back in September that the Dallas billionaire’s Frisco-based exploration and production company, Comstock Resources, planned to drill six horizontal wells along a pair of leases in Panola County, near Harrison County’s Elysian Fields.

“Located near Elysian Fields, the wells in the Carthage field of the Haynesville would be drilled to a total depth of 13,000 feet,” the Chronicle reported in a Sept. 16 article.

Jones’ company, Comstock, purchased Dallas-based competitor Covey Park Energy in a $2.2 billion deal that closed in July in an effort to further strengthen its position in the Haynesville, which is a gassy shale play split between Texas and Louisiana, the Chronicle reported.

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"gassy shale play"?  sounds like a stomach virus going round.

Not unusual for an "over pressured" formation. A good burp may just fix that.

Hey Skip... If you find out where he was speaking... let us know.  I'm guessing he was here to rally the troops following the purchase of Covey Park. thanks

I have no idea where he might be speaking.  I'm thinking he was coming to look at the land he sub-leased from a gentlemen my O&G attorney represents and that I performed research on.

You answered your own question JHH. Take a look at the caption on the 1st picture of the article you posted.

the article said he was here for a speech.  did not say where... or identify his audience.  CG... if you have the answer... lemme know.

He gave a speech at Comstock's Scottsville field office.

That's what I thought.  Thanks.


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