Has anyone heard about Juraissac Shale in Desoto

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Yes, I have.  It's the very same formation as the Haynesville Shale.  Encana created their Haynesville Shale units using the term, Jurassic, in the early days of the play.  Those unit still have the designation, Jurassic. It's not a different formation as we discussed at length many, many years ago.

Thank you, I have been getting large $$ offers for my minerals in 14n 16w section 19

You're welcome, Todd.  Those offers have zero to do with the term, Jurassic.  What they are related to is an uptick in Haynesville Shale development.  When you get large $$$$ offers, please let us know.  That will be of interest to many members.

is that in Desoto Todd

caddo 09-14n-16w I think its at the edge of de soto but in caddo 

Todd, without naming any companies making offers, what has been your top offer?

It doesn't take a professional to conduct basic searches on SONRIS Data Access.  Since surface locations can be, and often are, off the producing unit, the best way to know what section or sections a well produces from is to search by LUW code number.  LUW is a section in every SONRIS Well File.  The six digit LUW number will list all wells producing under that section from a given formation.  However there is another way to know the sections that produces from, the well name.  All HC wells will have two or three numbers, besides the township and range, that indicate the producing sections.  Therefore MCMIN 7&18&19 - 15 -14HC is producing from sections 7, 18 & 19. Your friend is either mistaken or the landman was lying to him.  It is good to help neighbors but only if you know what you are doing.  This is a complicated business.

Thanks Jay. I am in GIS now trying to figure it out. Finally found where the bottom holes are noted. This site is so educational. I learned a lot from you and Skip today about figuring out these CULs. Thanks to both

< or the landman was lying to him>>>

LOL, God forbid a landman tell a lie. 

Anyone who thinks that lying is the stock and trade of professional landmen, doesn't know many.

I have known a few, and dirty hands were present. Not all had dirty hands. 

But face it. Dirty hands just come with the oilfield.

Makes no difference to me, I shake hands with most people, dirty hands or not. I suggest that if you feel that a landman is lying to you then ask to see another landman. I can say that back in the summer of 2008 there were many new hires that didn't know what they were talking about and would have been better just keeping their mouth shut or telling the folks that they didn't know the answer. At that same time there were snakes crawling around that should have been shot or tarred and feathered with no questions asked.



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