The Bloomberg stock channel reported yesterday morning that the U.S. would be exporting 2 billion cubic ft. day of liquid ng and that ng prices would rise by 54%. I do know that the new plant at Sabine Pass is going to be in on the export. If I am wrong, someone let me know what you think. Just hoping that NG will go up and some of the energy companies will start leasing again 

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The fed gov may come in and put a moratoratum on the export of natural gas just like they did in drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. They got me and my biz in their crosshairs.


If there was a "very serious" NG shortage and it was a national security issue -- maybe there'd be some politicos in the pocket of Dow Chem. who'd vote to stop export.  (Well, hell, they'd vote to stop export even if there wasn't a shortage.  Dow wants cheap oil and cheap NG to max its profits.)

But the odds are way, way again' it for the smarter beltway folks to want to stop NG export.  Even the Congressmen who support dirty coal want to push up the price of NG, not lower it.  No moratorium insight.

That said, there is a glimmer of silver lining in the 10-year NG price bottom.  Seems it's stopping nuke plants from being built and moving more of the elec. grid to NG.  So short term, the outlook is damn pessimistic.  

But long term, the future might be a bit brighter.


I read they are gearing up to increase exports... but it might take a year or two for the systems to go on line and maybe that long for prices to go up that much here at home.  But i don't know that for certain.  They're paying up to $14 overseas for NG.  The cynic in me tells me the government will do about anything to slow down fossil fuel dependence and development.

I forgot to mention.  Let's see how much is mentioned about our country's energy abundance and how to use it in the president's State of the Union Address this week.


Even if gas prices went up 50% (say to 4.25/mcf) I doubt you would see much new leasing in the Haynesville/Bossier.  For most companies, it wouldn't make sense.  Leasing might make sense where Haynesville is present, and Cotton Valley, Travispeak or other shallower formations might produce in paying quantities.  

I'm more optomistic that LNG export will begin in late 2012 or early 2013, and possibly make a dent in production volume by the end of 2013.  From a geopolitical standpoint, Its in our best interest to ship LNG to countries like Japan, Britain, France, etc.  

Which of the presidential candidates would be the most PRO nat gas

Obama ... as much as it pains me to say that. See my thread in the political section regarding H.R. 1380, 1835 and S.1408 and the Pickens Plan/Nat Gas Act. It seems that Obama and more Democrats are actually FOR the Nat Gas Act than Republicans and there's at least 15 Republicans voting against it including Republican Representative Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. All the links and voting records are in my thread. Unless the Republicans get on board with those Bills, I'll be voting for Obama. Never in my life did I ever think I'd say that. 


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