I have a lease in Grogan field Sabine Parish, It has been producing sine 2011  . Since the price of gas is getting high. Does anybody think production will increase?

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That depends on the exact location.  Grogan Field, Sabine Parish is not sufficiently specific.  The location by section-township-range is required.

Well Ser#241778 Sec 6 9N11W.

Thanks so much

Section 6 has only the original Haynesville well.  Chesapeake operates that section and sections 7 & 18 to the immediate south and those sections also have the one well.  This sets up nicely for the long lateral well groups that Chesapeake prefers to drill.  9N-11W is proven for Haynesville and Bossier so over time Section 6 will get 11 more wells, 5 HA and 6 BO.  There are no applications for new well slots in those sections at this time but Chesapeake has been developing their Grogan Field units and there are nearby sections that do have applications for new wells.  It's just a matter of time before Chesapeake chooses to drill Section 6.  95% of the HA reserves and 100% of the BO reserves remain.

Thanks so much for your imput. I guess there is light at te other side HA!!!!!!!!!!

You're welcome.  Good luck.

which leads to the natural response:  how many acres do you own, and do you want to sell them?

Not for Sale

good and wise answer

I always tell them it's for sale for the right price.  Then I tell them to make an offer, they seem to despise this for some reason.

The mineral companies that pay a current fair market value will usually get you a firm offer once they figure out that you are not clueless.  If you have public record proof of new development in the drilling schedule, know the remaining reserves and future wells based on spacing and the top of the current market based on verifiable offers, you're likely to get a offer somewhere in the fair market range.  The bottom feeders will simply go away and look for a mineral owner with little or no knowledge regarding the value of what they own.  Mineral rights are a personal asset that should be available, in whole or in part, for sale.  Mineral owners rarely factor in the risks that define the entire industry....and their mineral rights.

Will they have to notify me if they plan on drilling in sec 6? Thanks. The price of Natural gas has been going up every day, maybe they will be more intrested.  Just hoping that something is going to happen soon

Do they have to notify you?  In order to apply to the state for new wells in Section 6, Chesapeake will have to make an application for alternate unit wells.  That process includes notice to all mineral and surface owners in the section and in those immediately adjoining to a distance of 1000'.  After that is approved, Chesapeake can apply for well permits.  There is not time limit.  The Field Order for those new wells is effective indefinitely.  There is no requirement for notice when Chesapeake gets a "permit to drill".  If you live in the vicinity you may see or hear of activity to build a new surface location or that a drilling rig has been moved in.  If you don't live in vicinity or have someone who will alert you, you will have no idea that new wells are being drilled. The only way to keep up with well permits is to check the database, SONRIS, on a regular basis.


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