We are unleased mineral owners (not by choice as it was UNO when we purchased property) and need a lease. 3 new wells permitted to be drilled. Any advice

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I shouldn't have used the word "implied." There are a couple of cases I am aware of from 2008. Individuals leased with a group representing what would eventually become the Operator of that section. Later on a group of mineral owners in that section organized and got a better lease. The Operator went back and offered the ones with the original lease a lease equal to what the group got. Yes I think it was public relations and it did work as those people still think this Operator is great. (Public Notice --this Operator WAS NOT CHESAPEAKE). I too have worked with this "good" Operator and they are great to deal with. In fact I have had really good interactions with all the other operators I have worked with. Most don't want an unleased mineral owner (at least from my experience). If a mineral owner is willing to work with them they usually will work with the mineral owner. One of my best interactions was with Exco.



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