In one of the discussions on this blog, someone posted an article about Chesapeake in which the company indicated it was done drilling in the Haynesville.  Just now, i was checking new permits to drill on Sonris, and see three new permits from this week by CHK to drill 3 HA wells in the Caspiana field.

Part of winding down, or change of plans?

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fire is about burned down for the evening.  I’m premature on GEP.  I have a no-deductions lease that was recently (okay, a year ago and I’m slow to respond) that GEP and Vine purchased, 50/50.  My royalty checks from GEP are consistently lower than the Vine checks, even though the price for the NG is the same, GEP withholds various charges out of my check.

I’m going to send them a letter - first once won’t be certified to see if they take the high road - about the deductions.  Figure they owe me several hundred $$ at this point.

I’ll let ya’ll know how it comes out.

Please forgive my ignorance..... who is Jerry?

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, but, for this string, the majority owner of Comstock Resources

Jerry Jones.  He owns the Dallas Cowboys.  And he now owns the bulk of Comstock Resources and has been making on bolt on acquisitions to the prior Comstock LA HA operated acreage.

Comstock in talks to buy Chesapeake's Haynesville assets.  See Main Page discussion.


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