Hi Everyone,  I have a few acres in Red River Bracky Branch field Township14 North, Range 10 West,  I have had a couple of calls just recently regarding selling my 25% royalties, the highest so far is $3000/NRA.  I have been watching this site and noting the news Tellurian has been generating in regard to future drilling and selling overseas.  Does anyone have any more info that would explain the offers.  Thanks all.

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location is everything, but that seems very low to me.  My land is in the "sweet spot" for HA, and I was offered $7500/NRA.  If you want to sell, you might want to shop around.

Before accepting an offer or shopping around, every mineral rights owner should know a few facts.  I'll post a follow up discussion with some examples.

That would be great Skip, thank you.

Thank you Steve

Speaking as someone who has sold their mineral rights, it's a very difficult and personal decision. My father always told me "Never sell your mineral rights!"  But, times change and I believe Dad would have liked the deal I got for our family.

A good mineral consultant can make a lot of difference and make you more money - plus get all the legal details taken care of - and they usually know the bad actors trying to buy people's minerals for low prices.


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