How do you figure how much to ask for when a drilling company wants to put a pipeline across your property?  Aethon energy will be crossing apx. 85' of our property in the Bethel area of Desoto parish.

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Pipeline right of ways are compensated via rod measures and surface damages.  Rods are 16.5 feet.  Another factor is size and number of pipes.  With just 85 feet, your compensation will not be huge.  


Get a good o&g attorney. I've been burned before and now will never proceed without one. Also do not forget timber damages if you are raising pines. Diameter, depth, and pressure should be also stated in the right-of-way. If the well is in your section and you will be getting royalty off of it then it is a different ballgame than if your will not be seeing any production from the pipeline.
It is not just 85 feet, It is a life time of living with it. Get all you can.

I've attached good information from Eric Camp on Pipeline Negotiations (obtained from the Mineral Rights Forum). You'll need Adobe Reader (free to download) to read the document.

Pipeline Easements and ROW Agreements.pdf


I am landowner new to the forum. I’m wondering if you have any info similar to the link posted, but pertaining to drilling wells. One of our existing oil companies drilling on our land wants to make a new well. I’m trying to see what is standard compensation.



You might want to consider reviewing the attached damage rate schedule that has been prepared by the University of Texas. Consider the damages a starting point since there are many other variables associated with surface damage compensation. There may be some sort of surface use agreement that will need to be reviewed / approved, so hiring legal representation is the best option in my opinion. By the way, I am no lawyer and this should not be considered legal advice in any manner.

UT Surface Damage Rate and Fee Schedule.pdf

Not to be outdone, from TAMU:

click on magnifying glass upper left and enter search string "pipeline negotiations" in search box

Guys, from Renee's reply above, I don't think her interest is so much pipelines as it is "drilling wells".  So I will assume that she is talking about drilling activity in her area or possibly active leasing programs in her area.

Renee, would it be an accurate guess that you are interested in the LA Haynesville Shale?

Yes. Thank you. Sorry for the confusion. I am still trying to navigate this forum properly. We own approximately 40 acres on the Haynesville Shale in Desoto Parish. There are active leases for as long as I can remember from 3 gas companies. We have received some pretty aggressive offers over the last couple of months to either sell land, or lease rights of the royalties. Also a 3rd party land company on behalve of an existing oil company wants to drill a new well. I have an attorney but this area of law is not her specialty. Thanks for any insight! 

Renee, getting help from an experienced O&G law firm/attorney is a wise move.  It sounds as if your 40 acres is not leased?  If that is correct, I will provide you with a referral to my O&G attorney. 

It is leased for many years by 3 different companies. One of the current companies leasing wants to drill an additional

well. I aooreciate your help. 


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