Possible good news for Haynesville shale and Louisiana

Possibly 10,000 - 15,000 perm jobs. I hope Jindal can make this happen!



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Great news!  "green gasoline" - what will they think of next???

the news release says it will cost about the same or a bit less than petroleum based gasoline.

Gas to liquid technology looks promising.  That would be a monstrous game changer if it pans out.

GHShale Members,

Members who are interested in the Promotion of Shell's GTL Plant Plans...which could include Louisiana...

You can call, fax, contact:   Mr. Don Pierson, Senior Director of Business Development/Louisiana Economic Development.

Per Mr. Pierson's e-mail to me:

"We are engaged in the Shell GTL...Due to confidentiality restrictions I cannot say more than this...Thanks for your contact to the Office of Gov. Bobby Jindal."

Don Pierson, Senior Director of Business Development/Louisiana Economic Development @:

T 225-342-4319

M 225-223-0301

F 225-342-9200 


If you believe this would be a great"demand-side" opportunity for Our Haynesville/Bossier Shale nat gas production...  Please contact Mr. Pierson today and say YES.

DrWAVeSport Cd1 3/13/2012


Dr., your link is broken. 


The "link" was at the botton of Pierson's e-mail...

Try:  www.OpportunityLouisiana.com

That sends you to an actual site...



That's better.  This one works.  I just wanted the members to be able to contact Mr. Pierson.  Don's a friend and I contact him on his private email.


Tell Mr. Pierson if he ever wants to run for the Louisiana Governor's job...  He's got my vote.

Thanks Skip,




We'll need you to volunteer with the campaign also, Dr.  LOL!  It's been a while but I worked on both of Don's campaigns for the state senate.  IMO he would make a good governor although I think we should refrain from campaigning for him until such time as it is appropriate.  He likes his job at Economic Development.

Any update on this?

I haven't heard of one.

"Shell chooses Pennsylvania for chemical plant" ~ by Ed Crooks ~ The Financial Times


March 15, 2012


Still good news:  When built, it will take some product off the market.  



Looks like more "plants" are in the works.  Let's hope LA's Mr. Pierson, et al, keep their eyes and ears open and keep getting their LA "pitch" out there.



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