Been a while since my last report. Been finishing up college. My old permit was 238694. It expired about two months ago. my land is in sec 17 16n 15 w . johnson branch. My other land is in sec 8 16n 15w. can anybody fill me in on everything that has to do with this area. I wish I lived closer but school is far and my relatives in the area dont tell me squat. I signed with cheasopeake in july of 08 for 25,000 an acre . Hey Les or skip, help me out
ypong land owner

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ylo. CHK allowing their permit to expire is surprising. There is no other existing production in that section and unless the first leases signed in your section were appreciably earlier than yours, you may be waiting a while. Since CHK has unit orders for both your sections and your tracts are in a good location, I wouldn't be too concerned. With a little patience, I think you will get a well long before the initial term of your lease expires. Development is moving slowly. Even for CHK in their core area.
Do they pay you for an extension on your lease when it expires,if there has been a well drilled in your 240acre section?Some one ask me this and I did not know.
What if they have drilled but its not on line and producing by the time the lease expires?Then what?
Went out to my property when I was visiting relatives. The property is on Bunkcum rd. Had 10 trucks there with all kinda work going on. Its a double pad for sure. Heres my question. If they are working and my permit is expired dont they have to have a permit to work. HOW CAN I FIND MY NEW SERIAL NUMBER. Could cheasapeake be lazy on reporting to sonris?
Young l/o:

Under the terms of the lease, lessee can construct board road or other access, and a physical site provided they have surface rights on the lands on which they are doing the construction. They must have a permit to legally spud/drill the well. The operator will be assigned a serial number at the time they receive the well permit from the state.

You can check SONRIS to find out about new well permits. I would suggest looking up under SONRIS Lite, under the option "Wells by Section, Township, and Range", and plug in the appropriate data. You can leave the section query as blank and see all wells (permits and otherwise) categorized by section in the whole township.

Depending upon the unitization, the unit well affecting your acreage may be located within an adjacent section.

Many operators can be complacent about proper filings, but the operator must have a valid state-issued (LOC) permit to drill a well.
What's the prospects of a lessee paying for the 2yr option with the way drilling has slowed lately?
Drilling hasn't slowed at all. 65 to 70 rigs (depending on who is counting) working in NW La Haynesville. Leasing hasn't slowed it has stopped except for infill.


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