So the State changes the look/feel/data of the single best oil and gas research database in the nation.  I am sure someone thought this would be a good idea.


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Good Point! Sonris was the best and easiest to us with an abundance of information - perhaps still is but not sure why it was changed either, Now we have to prove that we are not a "Robot" for each and every bit of information that you try to access. Hoping the maneuverability is not compromised.
How do you get on Sonris Lite today?
So when I try to bring up Sonris Lite on my cell phone, I get an error message:
"This page cannot be found"
Who is the idiot with the State of Louisiana that thought this change was a good idea? I have used the site for years with very little if any problems......UNTIL NOW!

I have sent the SONRIS staff an email.  I think I understand the "I Am Not A Robot" added step in some searches but not Spring Branch's problem on his iPhone re: This page can not be found.  I'll see if I can get an answer for both.

As I suspected, the I am not a robot security step is because of bots mining data from SONRIS which causes server problems.  See below an email reply from SONRIS staff.  I have a also asked a follow up question regarding the "This page can not be found" error that Spring Branch reports,  I also asked if a server upgrade would solve this problem.  I'll report that response when I get it.

Good afternoon, Skip! 

The “I am not a robot” step is a new security feature for SONRIS. Some public users have written scripts to mine our data, which slows down and adds strain to Conservation’s servers. The “I am not a robot” step is intended to prevent that from occurring.

looking at Well Information & cannot find Well Information by STR ?

Am I missing something?

Here is a follow up email from SONRIS staff.  I passed along john's question about the well search by STR.  I didn't find it either.

We are in the process of creating new, mobile-friendly applications. I will forward your message on to my IT crew to see if there’s anything that can be done in the interim- my phone allows me to view Wells by Serial Number after I pass the “not a robot” test.


An existing option is the new IDR reports. It’s not as detailed as the Wells by Serial Number Lite option, but you can access a lot of the well information via the IDR. Follow this path: > SONRIS Data Portal > Well Information


john, I'm told the answer to your questions, and to others, is in the FAQ section.  Try this:  in the SONRIS Data Portal click on Well Information, in the drop down menu click on the light bulb icon to the right of Well Information.  That is where I found Wells by S-T-R.  There are major changes and I'm unsure if all of them have been made or are currently functional.

Several observations.

1.  The back end has not changed.  My hyperlinks to individual wells still work.

2.  The "I'm not a robot" appears to be somewhat random and frustrating.  I had to prove I was not a robot to get wells in a s-t-r and then again when I clicked on a well from that page and again when I clicked to find out the operator.  Other times there were no "I'm not a robot".

3. They changed the names of what we look up.  The old "well by section, range and township now is called something else - I think it is well information - can't tell because the "portal" is down.

4. Reminds me of my grocery store.  They said they had a big remodel.   All they did was move everything around so no one could find anything.  As one of my friends said "I feel like I am on a treasure hunt."

Reply from SONRIS staff.

The new structure went live today. Users will be able to derive the same results they previously did. They just have to look for the new location of their queries. The reason we converted the structure is that Java will no longer be free next year. The new IDRs do not require Java as the RODs do.

The State if constantly changing software programs that work great already & normally there is a tie to the political power of the time & friends in the Software Company industry.  IE paybacks!  Follow the money!



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