So the State changes the look/feel/data of the single best oil and gas research database in the nation.  I am sure someone thought this would be a good idea.


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Yes, follow the money.  However in this case it is not about time and friends or software.  It is about the conservatives in the legislature continually cutting the budgets of state departments that provide essential services to citizens.  This has gone on for years and is a continuing problem.  Some may remember some years ago with a second or third round of cuts under Governor Jindal that I raised the alarm regarding what was happening with DNR/OOC staffing in general and SONRIS staff in particularly.  Some of the staff reached out to me at that time because of a personal relationship and foretold the problems that were likely to arise.  More entry errors, longer lag times on processing reports and entering data in the database, etc.  And major staff cuts especially impacting experienced staffers.  The server problem become an issue with the start of the Haynesville Shale Play.  The first real unconventional play in a more mature age of the Internet caused a rush for digital data and the deployment of programs that automatically sourced data from public record sources. 

There are two real issues here.  The first should be the realization that SONRIS database is less about serving mineral owners and more about catering to the interests of the industry.  Ask yourself how many times you have used a ROD which is now more user friendly as an IDR (see my reply above)? The second is that instead of simply upgrading the servers for SONRIS, we get security steps to limit server traffic.  In other words, this is about not spending money to make the database more efficient for us but holding the line on budget expenditures and keeping the industry satisfied.

Anyone:  How do you view permits?

SONRIS Data Portal

Well Information

 Permitted Wells by Date/Parish

Click the lightbulb icon, input the date(s)

What happened to the parish selection?

ray, use the directions above except instead of clicking on the light bulb icon for Permitted Wells By Date/Parish, look a little further down the list and choose Wells By Parish.  It is third from the bottom.

Thanks Skip

You're welcome, ray.  For most of us, the favorite searches are in the SONRIS Lite portion of the database.  In the new database architecture, Lite is indicated by the light bulb icon out to the right of the search listing.  So when you find the right search, click on the light bulb.


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