Wanted to announce the birth of our son, Keith Michael Mauck, Jr. Keith Jr was born on March 7th and weighed in at 6lbs and 6oz. Just a little guy. He and mom are both doing well. Very excited to have a son to compliment our 2 beautiful daughters. Indeed, we are blessed.



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Congratulations Keith & family!

Congratulations!  What a blessing, indeed!



Or a lawyer!  Congrats Keith.
Okay then he can be a landman!  LOL!  Congratulations Keith and Anna.
Congrats...It's nice to have a boy in the mix!!!

Congratulations to the Mauck Family....he is such a handsome little boy and one of God's precious miracles. 

Seems like everyone has some kind of profession that they think he should go into.....well, with the bad rap that the teachers are getting these days, and with the low pay (in Texas and Louisiana), with the overloading of classes (possible 25+ to a class) and lack of overall respect......steer him away from teaching.....this is coming from a teacher of 25 years.

Again, Congratulations and be sure to keep us updated with his growing up.

little 'ole 1st grade teacher 

Yaaaahhh!! It's a boy!

Be forewarned, my 6 lb. 8oz. boy is now 6'1'' and 220 pounds!


That's a decent size for a running back or point guard...i'll take it.

Sorry, have to intervene.

Foot ball players have repetitive brain injuries. Is there another game he could play?

(sorry, but it is a fact.)

He's precious! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear all are well. Congratulations!


How about a Webmaster II...

Aww.  How sweet.  Congratulations!


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