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I do like this map of East Feliciana. I copied the link, removed Feliciana, inserted Baton Rouge but it does not take me to a map. Any suggestions.
John EBR

You should be able to play with that link and find the other parishes.

I was able to download maps of East Feliciana and St. Helena Parishes.  I believe they are all there on the DOTD website.

That's what happens when expectations get ahead of events.  When there is something worth discussing, you will find it here on GHS.  Until then, patience.

Leasing has begun in Livingston Parish (Livingston area)  just S of I-12... I hope to hear drill baby drill, soon! Thanks in advance for any updates, also!!!

Any idea what company is doing the leasing?

Yes sir.... Several companies... I heard.. Blackwell? I think it's about to get interesting! If I'm reading it right, I'm in a unit!  Was contacted last week ....wait and see thing I hear! Any input? Mr. Rock Man..thanks

It sounds as if you have received a notice letter from a law firm representing a company that is forming one or more drilling and production units.  If that is the case the letter and unit plat will list the company name, the type of unit (sounds like you are referring to Austin Chalk) and the field or fields where the new units would be located.

Actually I did receive a letter from a lfirm... ! I don't know how much I can disclose.. I'm just a lay person and do not understand all of this! But I know my family member was contacted by letter , some company, Cinarex ...I think Blue Steel was in my letter... We haven't leased either but a friend leased with Blackwell which is in another unit joining me to the E. of me

There is nothing confidential about these letters.  In fact after the ten day notice period, the letter and unit plat will be entered in the state database and be available to the public.  A notice letter is an early step in a development plan and allows a company to force pool the mineral interests within the unit boundaries.  That's not just mineral owners, it includes any companies holding leases.  Don't be put off by force pooling as the company will probably wish to lease as many mineral owners as possible up to their maximum acceptable lease terms.  There will be a public hearing and when the application is approved a Field Order will be issued.  That Field Order is effective indefinitely but comes with no requirement to drill within a specific time frame.  Once we know the company name and type of units formed, I am sure there will be additional comments and speculation.

Mr. SP...Questionable as this is new to me and  do not know if we all (landowners) should pool or not or DO...just being curios, do  we have control once it's gets going and IF.. Thanks for the info



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