In the old days.... when vertical wells were drilled, how was production shared with neighboring mineral rights owners?   This was before the creation of the production units (for example....HA RA XXX for HZ well production sharing 640 acres).

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well, the Louisiana Department of Conservation has been requiring gas wells to be "unitized" for many decades.  This predates the discovery of the Haynesville Shale formation and goes back to at least the 1970's perhaps before.

Shallow oil wells are different - no mandatory unitization rules for those.

hope this helps

  Just noticed this was a 3000 ft vertical oil well.  How did they share production for oil wells?

Also ...where in Sonris can I find out when a vertical gas well was unitized for a section?  What document am I looking for and how do I find it?

Thank you.

An informed answer is not possible without knowing the specific well.  Unit sizes vary by product produced: oil or gas, and by type.  A well may be a lease well that drains an area covered by a single lease.  Or a Voluntary Unit where multiple leases are combined by permission of the lessors.  Or a Compulsory Unit where an operator defines a unit boundary compliant with state regulations and is given the right to force pool all mineral interests within that boundary.  In addition to units which vary in size, there can also be minimum distance requirements between wells producing from the same formation.

A unitized well have a designation preceding the well name.  Try clicking on the well serial number in blue and reviewing the permit, usually the first report listed.  A Field Order is granted to establish a unit whether oil or gas.  You can search Field Orders by the field code in the Document Access portion of SONRIS.


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