What was the HA well that got the leasing frenzy started for the HA play? Who was the producer, what was the production, and in which field? I'm trying to remember if the leasing frenzy started first or the results of the firs well was released and then the leasing started. Thanks for any reply.

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Chesapeake HA RA SUA; SRLT 29 #1 (234022), S29 - 16N - 15W - Johnson Branch Field (Vertical) Permitted 8-25-06, spud 9-16-06, completed 3-2-07.

First horizontal: Chesapeake HA RA SUA; ROMM 23-16-16H (235535), S23-16N -16W, Greenwood-Waskom Field.
Thanks skip and shalegeo for the replies.
It is a matter nof semantics. I agree with Skip that the SRLT 29 # 1 was the first vertical completion. I do not agree that the Romm 23 in 16/16 was the first horizontal "Haynesville". The Romm 23 was spud on 5/27/2007, but sat idle as a vertical for some time and was not completed as a horizontal producer until 7/4/2008. The SRLT 29 #2H on the other hand was spud on 6/20/2007 (after Romm 23) but was completed as a horizontal producer on 10/10/2007, almost 9 months before Romm 23. The Feist 21 H (completed on 1/11/2008) and the Williams 22 H (completed on 3/8/2008) were also completed before Romm 23. Both of these wells are in 15/15.
For my money, the SRLT 29 #2H was the first horizontal "Haynesville" producer.
If you would have Googled Haynesville Shale back in the beginning you would have found links to Cubic Energy or whatever their name is saying that they had been poking around in the formation since 2004. Then there were some statements made in NYC by Petrohawk about it, then Aubrey wanting to be the first to go public in March of 2008.
First is a debatable term. Cubic Energy was no where to be seen. They leave no record in the database. Encana was there in the beginning along with CHK. Excerpt from one of my old blogs:

The first Haynesville Shale well in the state of Louisiana was permitted January 12, 2006 by Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. as a product type “00” (No Product Specified). It was drilled in Section 15 – Township 13N – Range 9W of Red River Parish in the Martin Field. The JUR RA SUA; ADCOCK INV LP ETAL was assigned serial #232697 (API Number 17081208570000). It spudded February 27, 2006 and drilled to a depth of 12,878’. On November 16, 2006 its status was reported as code 27 (Waiting On Orders). Encana converted the well to an “Observation Well” with status code 31 (Shut-In Dry Hole – Future Utility) on January 26, 2007. Since January 27, 2007, it’s last report date, it remains a code 27. From spud to final status report – 364 days. It has never been completed. Encana used the name “Jurassic” for the production zone from this well through all subsequent well and unit applications until December 9, 2008. Other operators using Jurassic for the zone also known as the Haynesville Shale (HA Reservoirs A – D) during the early months of the play, included SWEPI, Questar and EOG.
Skip, I said google not sonris.
I know, TD,P. I just trust SONRIS more than Google. LOL!
Me Teaux
Did Encana state a reason for not completing the well
It was a test well. And a completion report would have tipped their hand to some extent. A well log is required for a completed well. Encana was keeping quiet to allow time to build their leasehold position.
10-4.. Do u have n e idea about n e leasing activity around columbia county ark. area
Only what I read in the South Arkansas Oil & Gas Group.




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