AC activity map for those interested.

Existing AC fields are in red.

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Can you see my very, very, long post.

John, I post most of my postings on the main page I'll try to move them to this page.

Can't move the post to this page.

Joe, you can cut-and-paste. Cut-and-paste a reply or replies into a word document. Then cut them from the word doc and paste into a reply box in the Austin Chalk Group.  It's a little clunky but it will get the job done.

I noted a lot of those AUS wells in Pointe Coupee were recompleted Tuscaloosa Trend wells.  They went back, milled a hole in the side of the casing and turned left so to speak.  Some of them very long laterals,  3.5 to 5 inches in diameter.  Most produced for almost 10 years.  Could they, those shut in, be re-opened, fracked and start producing again?  There was one well that seemed to really produce in Pointe Coupee, over 200,000 barrels of oil, and plenty of gas to go with it.  May haps that operator knew how to do it?

Current Producing wells thru 2-1-2014



Current producing wells thru 3-1-2014 (some St. Landry wells include 4-1-2014)

Added 47,173 Oil Prod (BBL) and 288,343 Gas Prod (MCF)



Looks like Rapides and Vernon made great returns on well costs.  Maybe they will pick up activity there.

Also note the number of wells. Looks like 10 wells need to be drilled to find that big well.

Comparison of La Austin Chalk to La TMS.

Looks like the Austin Chalk is still a good investment and will be back with new wells.



I hope your analysis is right and gets to the correct people.  There is hope after all.

Pryme has sold most of its Turner Bayou properties.

Pryme Energy Limited (Pryme or the Company) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned
subsidiary Pryme Oil and Gas LLC (Pryme LLC) has entered an agreement to sell its interest in the
Turner Bayou project to a US publicly listed company which wishes to remain anonymous for
commercial reasons (the Purchaser). Pryme LLC retains an option to participate at a 5% working
interest level in any future Turner Bayou wells.

Who do you guys think bought it? EOG? Halcon? With the leases as tight as they are it will be interesting to see who steps up and starts re-leasing the area not HBPed. And are they buying the property for the AC or for the TMS prospects? Any ideas?



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