Devon Energy applies to form AUS C RA SUA, 1920 acres, in the Profit Island Field.


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Hi Skip I’m trying to read that map on an IPhone and can’t tell where it is can you give more details?

Hi, Craig.  The unit plat doesn't have much to go on beyond the section-township-range but if you look at the very bottom, left hand corner running right to left is Hwy. 413.  Looks like south of False River/The Island but above Erwinville.  Far south Pointe Coupee.

I failed to remind that I choose to post the unit plats as PDF as opposed to JPG files.  You can click on the image on zoom in and out to get improved detail.  See if you can blow it up on your iPhone.

Skip,  is this a little low (south) for  the Austin Chalk that is going through St Landry & the Feliciana's ?

John E B R

John, the AC is both above and below the Edwards Shelf.  There are companies staking out areas of interest on both sides of the shelf.  I think Rick Man could give you a more definitive answer but I think that the False River area is about smack in the middle of the perceived fairway.  That being said, this will be a "sweet spot" play that is not continuously economic over a contiguous area so until wells are drilled it is hard to know what areas may be successful.

Not much more to add to Skip's comments on this issue. There will be a wide depth range from North to South that operators will be chasing for the AC in this trend. 

Could be the down slope side of the Edwards Shelf.  Most of the territory north of there is the up slope of the Edwards Shelf.  Nobody really knows where the shelf is located but future drilling will show that if the drilling is done.  As Skip says the oil companies stake out both sides of the shelf.  I personally think the shelf runs about where the portage canal runs which is half way between north shore of False River and the present day Mississippi River.

Attached is the PetroQuest slide that shows the Edwards / L Cretaceous shelf edge (red line). Devon well clearly down slope / down dip from this subsurface feature. Devon essentially along strike with EOG AC horizontal as well as position of other players.

Note on Devon - they have been active players in the Texas version of the AC Hz Frac play - mostly in Fayette and Lavaca Counties.


Here is PDF from - red dots are equivalent to the Devon unit location. In the Moore Sams Field area.

Base of Austin Chalk here around 17,200;.


After looking at the plot, the two indicated locations are indeed in the middle of the island.  Back in the 1980's Jumonville etal exploited that area for deep gas.  He was doing okay but the gas played out or the wells sanded over, whatever.  It is low country, prone to local flooding from heavy rains, etc.  It does not drain well.  The deep gas is in the Tuscaloosa Trend well below Austin Chalk and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale.  There was a deep gas well drilled more or less just off the banks of False River on the island side of the lake and it was a dry hole.  But it is probably in line with those two locations, continue the line across the lake and you run into our camp which is located on the New Roads side - generally known as Mix, LA.

Building on William's comments, the Tuscaloosa Sands in this area start around 18,700' and extend to below 20,000'. Initial production was in the 19,000'+ range.

TMS section extends from around 18,100' to 18,700'.

Basal AC - which I think will be one of the targets Devon is considering - is around 17,200'. 

Sanding up is a common issue with reservoirs like the deep Tuscaloosa as the good P&P reservoir sands start to get impacted by pressure drawdown over time and production.

Surface logistics for Devon in this area will be interesting - I would anticipate Devon "re-utilizing" some of the same infrastructure that was set up for the Deep Tuscaloosa Sand play. As well as taking gas off the island via the same pipeline systems put into place this 1980's play.

That would be ideal.  We can only wait and see what eventually transpires.


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