Devon Energy applies to form AUS C RA SUA, 1920 acres, in the Profit Island Field.


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FYI - Australis 3rd Q report and investor presentation on Australis TMS site. Drilling first horizontal well in the TMS. Have encountered (O&G) shows in the AC in both wells (drilling intermediate part of wells first before bringing in new rig to go horizontal. Both wells on same pad (one north / one south).

This area is updip of the shelf edge and will be lower pressure and probably more of a "black oil" play in the AC if it is successful.

Rock Man,  do a favor for those of us who just do not keep up with each drilling co. and their locations or Field names.  Just the name of the parish, name of town, hwy no's or small community that this is close too.


John  EBR


I'll try to do this if I have time to research the local specifics around and well.

The Australis activity is in SW Mississippi just north of the Louisiana state line in Amite County / south of Gloster.

Thanks,  that does give me at least a proximity which is way more than what I was guessing.

John EBR

Suggest you check out that site and take a look at the report and presentation - some good info as to what Australis is doing and planning to do.

If it has been part of these postings, I am overlooking it.  I have tried doing a web search but no luck.


Here is the link to this discussion thread. You can search for it under the term "Australis" or 'TMS" at the top of this page.

I see in SONRIS where the Profit Island permit has expired.  No joy there.

I wouldn't read too much into the permit expiring.  Devon is old school and slow.  This was a six month permit.  It will cost Devon another $1226 dollars for another six months.

Agree totally @ this not being a huge issue - but keep in mind that Devon just announced staff cutbacks for OKC office plus sold some assets to slim down their portfolio and focus.

Not saying they may be negative on AC but just pointing this out. 

Refreshing to know Profit Island is not down and out - yet.  Devon home office issues does not sound good at all.



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