EOG filed a LA Austin Chalk drilling permit in East Feliciana on the LA/MS state line in Little Comite Creek field.


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Thanks for posting, Les.

The H indicates it will be a horizontal.  Permit says 18400 feet, so I think the lateral will be quite long.  A lot of fracking will be done.

Measured Depth minus True Vertical Depth = approximate lateral length.

I would like to know the physical address for this operation. Thanks

Thanks so much.....I


06/03/2019 05 12885 DROVE 16" TO 115' W/ 86' PENETRATION; SPUD 5/28/19; DRLD; RAN 9 5/8" CSG TO 3090' W/ 1079 SXS CMT; NU & TSTD BOP'S 5/30/19 (ANNULAR: T-90, 13 5/8", CAMERON, 5000; RAMS: TYPE U, 5", CAMERON, 10000); TSTD CSG; DRLD CMT & FLOAT EQUIPMENT & PERFORMED FIT; DRLD VERTICAL HOLE F/ 3090' TO 12885';

Thanks for posting this. In looking at the dates, it appears that EOG got this well drilled to 12,885' from surface casing point (3090') in about 4 days.

9795' of drilling over that period - doable but ultra fast.

This is the benefit of not having to stop in this area to set intermediate casing. And obviously no lost circulation issues or drilling problems.

Underscores the differences in the subsurface section and issues across a play area.

Wow, looking at EOG's 6/10/19 & 6/17/19 reports for the Ironwood well, they have already drilled their lateral to TD at 18,230' (spudded 5/28 and drove initial casing by 6/3).  Seems COP's McKowen well took over twice that amount of time.  Their Irwin well seemed to get to a similar point in about 7-weeks.  Is this just the nature of the game where you don't know what to expect from one drill to the next or is EOG more efficient?  

Lots of factors involved in these drilling times including the expertise of the companies in question, the pressure situations and hole integrity (plus lack of pressure kicks and faulting) in the area being drilled and the need to run additional strings of casing.

Not all areas are the same when it comes to drilling efficiency capabilities..

thanks, well put RM.

18 days vs 70 days both wells in the "Florida Parishes" i think this is a fair comparison... EOG kicked ass on this well.

So these "different environments" account for the 52 day difference? The TMD of the well were only 700' different. I took this overall as a positive, that maybe EOG could prove these wells could be drilled faster and cheaper and if a decent well is produced, potentially prove the play economical. But it seems from reading your comments across the message board these companies are wasting there time and should just go home. Maybe I'm missing reading it, but you appear pretty negative on the play overall.



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