An EOG Pointe Coupee drilling permit has been filed. The well will be located: Sec 29 – Twn 04S – Range 09E.

This looks like a deep downdip test of the Austin Chalk.

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Rock Man, it was clearly stated in SONRIS they were at one point waiting for a completion rig and then a rig show up.  So no, the original rig was a monster 1,500 HP job that essentially drilled the well in less than three weeks, more like a week of really going at it.  And yes, there were photos of fracking equipment on site.  And yes, they are still screwing around with the well, SONRIS showing yet another request to perforate at a different level, 13,018 to 13038 feet, after setting a iron bridge plug.  Sounds to me it is turning into another Fontaine Farms like well.  I am steadily loosing confidence in any success.

All quite.  Does not seem to be any action going on.  No updates since last perforation action.

Looked like a power line was run to the well site.

My source said Entergy ran the line in.  But that is a small expense and can be removed if necessary.

Probably done by PC Electric not Entergy.

Most probably power for pumping unit.

Bad news.  EOG has filed a report on the Brunswick well.  It is coding the well as code 31, "Shut in Dry Hole - Future Utility."  I guess some where in the future they can punch on down to the Tuscaloosa Trend for deep dry gas.  Gas is over abundant and cheap at the moment.  Or I guess it can be used of salt water disposal.  This update was filed on SONRIS yesterday (9/17/2019).

The way this well has been drilled so far (e.g. 5.5" casing set to TD) will prevent any deepening to the Tuscaloosa Sand deep gas section. Too small a diameter wellbore to re-enter and drill deeper.

Odds are that the "future" of this well will be as an SWD if that is needed for the area. Lots of good injection zones in the Wilcox and shallower sections here.

Bummer that all those production tests failed to result in an economic completion - I will be interested in seeing the final well costs that are filed for this well

Thanks for posting the SONRIS report

Not necessarily bad news.  Status Code 31 does not always appear to mean what it says.  In fact, it rarely does.  With the advent of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracture stimulation, the industry started using 31 as a code of convenience, reporting wise, for after a well that  is drilled and cased but not reported complete.  The main reason for this change is that it can we weeks or even months from the day the drilling rig leaves until the day the frac crew shows up.  Then there is a flow back period.  This well has been fracked and the next report in the Well File should be the completion data and a change to Code 10, Producing Well.  I suggest patience and crossed fingers in the meantime.

That would be nice should it occur.

Petroquest did the same on the Lacour well, same post same ST:31

Yes, but Petroquest did not even do a perforation while EOG did four perforations on the Brunswick well.  Petroquest pulled back, set a plug at 4,000 feet or so and moved off.  And there was frack equipment in place on the Brunswick pad and a completion rig was used.  I do not think Petroquest got that far with the LaCour well.  No matter we will wait and see what happens.  If they were truly abandoning the well, they would have pulled the casing and would have said they did that.  So, yes, I think there is still some hope.


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