Prime Rock Resources & New Dawn Energy Joint Venture - Masters Creek

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Glad to see this group in rapides parish. Hope they do well!!

Yes it sure is.   So far been stuck in the middle.

Masters Creek Field is the old AC field that is based on production from natural fractures. Very high pressures and lots of mechanical problems. Tough area to operate - will be interesting to see how this group does in this area. 

I think the land I have is in the updip area, just to north if not right on Fredericksburg Shelf.   Amazing how technology progresses so fast.

Interesting set of partners doing this project. Individual company website links below.

The Prime Rock Group is mostly Endurance Resources staff who were originally with Lime Rock (PE Firm). Their VP Exploration is ex Concho. Their focus and expertise is definitely in the Permian Basin and specifically the Delaware Basin.

New Dawn Energy is even more interesting in that this is a father / son team that has several consulting Geo's and Engineers on their staff. Their expertise appears to be focused on the engineering side of things.

I see them being the leaders to attempting to extract more O&G from the old Master Creek Field area using different engineering and completion applications.

Based on the New Dawn website, they were the group that was instrumental in putting together this Louisiana position via the acquisition of a good part of the LaBoKay minerals interests in that area.

Will be amazing to see how & what they do.   I think Chesapeake had issues with pressure in this area in mid 90's.   I myself have land in the Old Masters Creek Field too.  Thanks so much RM for your expertise.

CHK and many other big time operators lost their lunch in this overpressured AC production area. Agree that this will be interesting

It sure will be.   Looks like will be years end before anything really gets started.

Rockman -Do you think that this group of individuals can overcome the obstacles in this overpressured area?  

That is a great question. Many VERY GOOD companies and individuals have worked this area over the years with less than sterling success.

The Prime Rock group will not have much of an impact on this effort in my opinion - their entire management staff's expertise is Permian Basin (unconventional more normally pressured reservoirs without major geo-hazards and risks). None of them has probably ever worked the Austin Chalk section to much of a degree. And the AC is a very different animal than anything one would see in the Permian Basin (all rocks and reservoirs are NOT the same!).

It will be the New Dawn group that will carry to torch on the Louisiana AC effort as I see it. The Father / CEO has a lot of overall reservoir engineering experience based on his CV / Bio. Plus the consulting staff they list has expertise in this part of the world.

Key here will be how to address and control the over pressured and fractured part of the AC reservoir (with lost returns, fluid flow, depleted sections and sometimes a combination of all these factors in a single wellbore) while trying to tap matrix AC O&G reserves via fracture stimulation techniques.

They will have a LOT of historical info to educate them on what have been the problems historically out here - can they take all this history and apply "new" technology (and perhaps some old technology) to exploit this play?????

My opinion - I will give this group the benefit of the doubt and say that they can do some positive things here. They have some good private equity funding (but some of that funding will be heading to the Permian Basin).

Early results in the La AC will dictate how much funding will continue to be funneled into that play. Early problems / failures (and there will be some "bleeding edge" results that will be less than favorable) will be critical to how intensely the La AC play will be pursued over time.

How's that for a long winded answer to a simple question??????????  LOL

That’s a great answer and thank you. There is no simple answers here. Only a big cheering section hoping that they can pull it off!


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