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Southwind's application for AUS C RA76 was docket number 18-439 which was heard 8/21/18.  There is no well permit for this drilling unit in the database as of Tuesday night.

No well permit is required to build a surface location but thanks for the picture.

Century Man, Is this type map with Range,Township,Section available on line where I could print for my area of the state.
John EBR

Short answer is yes.

The base map is from Sonris GIS. It is interactive where you can add township lines, section lines, roads, towns etc., etc, etc.  lots of options to build the type of map you want.  The small print (Township, Range,Section) for each section is the”section points” add on.

Also lots of map type options - topo, and aerial photos of several different years.  


Note - when using the sonris maps; just know that you have to be zoomed in to certain levels for some of the ad-ons/features to show up.  For example; you have to be zoomed in closer for section lines and section points to show up vs. township lines.  You just have spend a little time using it to figure out all the options.

I just added the bigger T-R (in blue), captions , etc. to make it a little clearer.  I used a drawing program called Snagit.

Thanks, sounds like a pretty good learning curve, but at least it is available to try. If I have any luck I will let you know.

You may also try, then from the FIELDS TAB search box you can put either your address or parish name (ie Rapides Parish, LA) select it from the list that pops up, the parish will show up on map showing topical map or landscape, then all you have to do is zoom in a couple of times until the section/township lines appear.

Nice website - thanks for posting this 

Your Welcome RM!   Just gives you a different look & approach.

Thanks Lisa,  that is more my speed and exactly what I am looking for.  Even my grand children would be impressed with me.

John EBR

(who needs google or you tube when we have all of you guys)


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