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I'm hearing that a mix of sand sizes and even mixtures of different proppant materials are being used.  A number of companies are touting proppant mixes customized for specific areas of a formation across a basin.  You're correct about sand quality.  The Shale Support N LA facilities rail connections to AR are actually to one or more sand mines.  Rail transport is critical to competitive costs unless a mine is so close to end users that only truck transport is required.  That is not a possibility in all the sand hungry basins.

Thanks for you comments about Amelia, I had no idea of how they operate. 

A side note that only identifies my location:  1982  The Spurgeon well was 200 ft from our north property line.

John - East Baton Rouge Parish

PS:  I am having somewhat of a hard time maneuvering on the blog.  Fill free to suggest anything about it.

You seem to be doing just fine so far, John.  If you have specific questions about the website, please post them.

I just made two posting in the last half hour, one long one about new leasing offers and this short you have replied too.  Could the other one be hidden from me in this maze.

John - East B R Parish

Postings on these blogs can be hard to follow - the location depends on whether you post a "new" comment or add a comment as a "reply".

Difficult at times to follow but it could be a lot worse

Rock Man and John, the only real flaw in the site architecture is that there are a limited number of "Reply" options.  Eventually there will be a post with no reply option below it.  When that happens you should go to the reply box at the top of that page and reply there.  It doesn't always keep replies in sequence but it's the only option.

I see both of your replies.  The second one is two replies above my reply here.  The first is four replies above this one.

The website has a Main Page for general interest topics,  play pages like this one for the Austin Chalk and parish/county group pages.  The kind of information that you interested in, lease offers, could go in this Austin Chalk discussion or in one or more parish groups.

I should have added that you can go to the top of any page to Groups then click on the groups you wish to join and click on Follow or Join.  Once you are a member of that group you will get an email alert when a new discussion is posted in that group.  If you post a reply in a discussion, you are automatically "following" and will receive email alerts each time there is a new reply.  If you wish to follow but not post at that time, just click follow.

Well I am sure it will be a topic at the annual family corporation meeting in the first week in March.  Of course by then we should all know a little bit more on what is really happening and where it is happening.  But BD or Haynesville are easier to drill than the Tuscaloosa Trend.  They tried a long lateral in LaCour #43 and it did not work out.  We do not know the reason why it did not work but I suspect the lateral collapsed in the Austin Chalk.  It was a technology thing and caused Anadarko to pull out.  Now EOG is on the scene, lets hope they have the answer.

This my first post, sorry for the intrusion.The answer to the Austin Chalk is apparently induced fracturing of horizontal laterals. Seems it has worked out well in Texas and appears headed this way. Back in the 90's AC play in Louisiana underbalanced drilling of the laterals became the holy grail. Fracking laterals is something new. All I can say at this point is, C'est ce bon ton roulet.

If I may ask, are your R K Zimmerman that contributed to "Louisiana On Shore Handbook"  Dr. Goddard.

John Lann   East B R Parish

No, not that R. Zimmerman.



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