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Thanks CM for keeping all of us landowners well informed!

May have missed comments on this, but was wondering what the issues are with COP's-Soterra well as 6/10 and 6/17 reports show 'no drilling activity; temporarily suspended.


There was a worker killed on the drill site.

Not good.  OSHA will shut down the site to do an investigation.  I can guarantee that the driller will be fined.  OSHA does not get funding, it lives off fines.  So it they investigate, they are gonna find something and fine somebody.  Also the crew is going to be upset too.  So I expect it will be some time before activity starts up again.  And it is terrible that some one lost their life.  Oil well drilling is classified as "mining."  And mining has the worst accident ratings regardless of whether it is above ground or under ground.  Risky business.

Bet crew and much of drilling staff ends up on other rigs that belong to this contractor. Aside from the possibly the head guy who was on the rig when the accident occurred.

Good to see them back to drilling again

HERE's our next Rapides Parish well SN#251809 AUS C RA SU80: CROWELL LM 30 H has been permitted today.


Looks like this is a re-permit for SN# 25311?

thanks Lisa,  i knew the rig was rumored to arrive around july 4th.  ive been waiting to see the permit hit sonris . 

Your welcome!  Anything in Rapides hits my radar I will share.  I have vested interest myself.  This is Marathon too right?

Yes this is their first well,  same pad from first drilled well where they ran into too much pressure for the rig.  They hv been waiting on this larger rig to free up to come redrill site!  Fingers crossed! 


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