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I don't use Drillinginfo but Rock Man does.  I don't know if or how they track rigs.  I use the Rig Data Weekly Rig Report for the Greater Gulf Coast, a subscription service:  $75/month.

No activity on DrillingInfo

Thx guys, just trying to keep up.   

COP done in Louisiana AC, pulled plug and moving on!

Any insight, Jay/Rockman/Skip?

Rumors to that effect have been around now for three or four days.  Still waiting for some further detail as the initial scout report I got stated that the "updip" portion of the trend was being abandoned.  Haven't heard anything else other than the Soterra being plugged and abandoned.

Can you give brief description of where 'updip' portion of play is vs 'downdip' (if that is the correct term??) portion in regards to the AC in Louisiana?


Visit Tuscaloosablog site , excellent maps there thanks to Kirk! 


COP must have observed some very negative info in their well to plug the pilot hole / and after reading the SONRIS report, this is not a temporary abandonment - this is a "final" P&A.

What could they have seen? Very poor reservoir (little to no P&P) is my guess.

I bet Kirk will comment on this eventually.

Thanks guys

Rock I went back and look at activity and planned activity by both COP and EOG, would it be fair to say that they put a heavy emphasis on the updip? If it true that they are not finding what they hoped for in the updip what does that mean for the downdip? Do we need to wait to see what happens with Petroquest planned downdip activity?

Results updip do not tie to theoretical results downdip - bad news in one does not necessarily kill the other. But any info anyway is incorporated into the operator's evaluation matrix.

Downdip area is different depositonally as well as post deposition as to temperature and thermal maturity story. Presence of organics also an issue. And the biggie (in my opinion) is the impact of all this on the creation and preservation of reservoir P&P.

And as per my mantra, "Time will tell!"


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