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Have to think that there is something positive here to support Equinor getting into this play as a partner.

Hopefully so guys!   Time will tell.   I know there was also some recent changes in % interest assigned on some of the BLM leased land near me too.

thanks for posting Bob,  very interesting article. Just wondering if the 25% sale included all Southwind leases.  We are in Evangeline parish, is there any way your research came across all parties involved?  Haven't heard of Equinor before but if RM is positive about it I'm all in....  thx HC

Equinor is the new name for Statoil.  Norwegian oil major.

Thx skip, hope they bring expertise to the drilling of the AC as Marathon/Southwind has lots of acreage to look at in the next 18 months to secure leases.  We are patient waiting on 3D results and analysis mid 2020. 

Aside from being a major player in the Eagle Ford and (to a lesser extent) the AC trend in Karnes County area (similar areas that Marathon has activity), Equinor's historical activity in the North Sea (where "Chalk" reservoirs are a major contributor) could end up being a critical positive aspect as to this new WI relationship.

The Chalk in the North Sea is NOT a naturally fractured play but is a matrix P&P - which is what the Lz AC Hz Frac play is focusing on.

Not all chalks are the same - but there are probably some common factors between the two areas that may impact the La AC trend.

Anyone have any ideas as to who these guys are holding leases on BLM land in the area?  They have recently updated their assignments too.   This is a lot of land that is just north and west of Crowell #2 251809.


Looks like various override or royalty or WI pieces being assigned. Probably due to pre-existing agreements (and finally taking care of the paperwork).

Skip - am I off base with this comment?

This may help too!   A lot of this land is within the 3D shoot that is being done by CGG, but this particular one is just outside the WNW corner by one section.  And if you look at several of these leased units by same persons, they have also been updated by on varying date recently.   RM this particular one that I posted is the one I am in.   There is very little private land in this 1974 acre BLM unit and I am one with 66 acres.


Bob if I do to the Rapides Parish Court House, how to I go about finding this info & what department do I start with.   I work right next to Court House and can walk down any day to check things out & maybe provide additional info if needed.

I don't find a "likely" MBI listed with the LA SOS and I don't have a remote access account with the Rapides Parish Clerk of Court.  Lisa you could do an indirect or Grantee search for MBI to see where the company got its interest from in that lease or leases.



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