I've heard from some who are.  Trying to figure out the nature of the problem.

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Its giving a message 'Your connection is not private. You have to click on 'advanced' and then it states 'security certificate is not trusted by computer's operating system ' Then you have to click on 'proceed to fohaynesvilleshale.com

Thanks, George.  That helps.  We've had that happen in the past.

For the last 2 days I have been unable to log on to the gohaynesvilleshale.com web site, & instead

I gotten a large RED "ESET" banner, followed by

"Website certificate revoked"

"The certificate used by this server has been marked as untrustworthy & the connection is not safe."

"This error was caused by an invalid OCSP response, which has to be valid because OCSP stapling is used."

Try connecting again later or from a different internet connection"


I just now (9:42 pm on 2/10) was able to log on

Thanks, Tom. I hope your ability to log on indicates that Keith has fixed the problem.

Mine says that this site has been been taken over by another entity which can steal all info on your computer

This is a certificate issue which is from the website.  Firefox aggressively monitors this and makes is difficult to sign on if there is an issue.

Thanks.  I'm passing along all the input to Keith.

i experienced the same thing the others mentioned.  Just now, I'm back on.  

Good.  Hope that fixes it.  I am going to stop monitoring.  I sent Keith a link to the discussion so he can easily check in.  If anyone else is having problems, please continue to reply here.

No problems from my end. All things as usual.

I think we are okay.  If I could, I would delete the discussion but don't have that option.  I'll close comments.

Took me awhile to figure out how to fix this, but it should be resolved. I had quite a few embedded links that needed to be updated.


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