Chesapeake sent me a letter stating that, ..."All revenue adjustments concerning your unit interest will be made effective first production."  Also included were forms requesting my address, soc. sec.#, electronic funds transfer (EFT) enrollment form and a map of the well location for three different wells.

Please explain.


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(Form #1)

Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C.

Division Order Instruction Sheet

(Form #2)

Modified NADOA Model Form Division Order (Adopted 9/95)

Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C.

Division Order

Well Number: 635739

Well Name: MUSE 245-14-15

Operator:  Chesapeake Operating LLC

County/State: De Soto, LA

Property Description: Section 24-14N-15W

Production Type:  Oil & Gas

Social Security or TIN:  Provide TIN/SSN

Owner Number 152720

Owner Name:  My Name

Date Prepared:  8/24/2016

Effective Date 3/9/2012

Interest:  1

Interest:  (blank)

Current Address

SS#, Signature

(Form #3)

Title Requirement


(Form #4)

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Enrollment Form

(Attach Voided Check Here)

(Form #5)

Cover Letter with Chesapeake's phone #,

(Form #6)

Map where Well is located

List of Names with Tract No., Area in Acres, and Percentage of Unit

LN, under LA law you are not required to sign the Division Order.  In order to be paid however you do have to provide your SS#, address and EFT Enrollment Form (if you want EFT as opposed to a check sent in the mail).  I'd suggest EFT so you avoid any problems associated with the USPS.

Hi Skip,

Chesapeake didn't provide a decimal amount to me.  Shouldn't they have done so?  How do I know what they're selling the gas for and also what they owe to me?  Shouldn't they also provide the interest and interest type information to me?


You will eventually receive a decimal interest however that is a separate issue from the natural gas price CHK gets from your well.  Call or send CHK a letter and ask about the decimal interest.  You have everything in the documents listed to calculate your interest yourself:  your acres divided by the unit acres times your royalty percentage.  Calculate it and then follow up if it doesn't match what CHK shows.

Thanks a million Skip!!!!!!!

Skip, Chesapeake didn't provide a W-9 form to me. I printed one off the Web. Should I send that to them too?


My general rule of thumb is, never provide more than you are asked.  If you have questions, ask CHK.  If you don't believe them or wish confirmation, ask an experienced O&G attorney.

Skip, Is it possible to see the forms filed by the operator with the State in regards to perforated lateral allocation per section?  If so, where would we look? Thanks.

The perf letter, if submitted, would be in the Document Access portion of the SONRIS database under WELL PERMIT TO DRILL/AMEND.  Third search option from the bottom under Document Type.

Document Access>Document Type>WELL PERMIT TO DRILL/AMEND


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