Hey Shaler,

I wanted to update you on some recent happenings. The last several months have been busy-a time for change and I wanted to update you on changes that have taken place for ShaleCast.com and the Shale Network.

Many of you are using ShaleCast.com to forecast your minerals. This past spring, after a couple years of plugging away at ShaleCast.com, we sold it to an oil and gas data company. When purchasing it, the company was interested in breaking into the mineral owner community in a big way. We shall see what becomes of it.

Then, in August, I accepted a position as Director of Business Development with a home-care company in Virginia, and…we relocated back to the DC Metro region. The company, Home Instead Senior Care provides service throughout Prince William, Loudoun, Fauquier and portions of Fairfax counties in Northern Virginia.

Taking this new position necessitated that I step back from the primary role that I’ve held the last 10 years of moderating and building up our shale communities. I’ve had a blast being on this journey. The opportunity to be at the front end of the shale revolution was a blast. What I thought was a 2-year tour became a 10-year campaign of educating landowners and providing platforms that empowered mineral owners. I’m grateful to God for providing it. 

And to you, thank you for making the networks something that I wanted to do.  From the volatile times at the beginning to the ever-roller-coaster ride that is oil and gas, I never woke up in the morning regretting that I had to show up to work. And, that was because of all of you.

But…do not fear the sites aren’t going anywhere. I have found the perfect replacement for me. My wife! She has helped in the past and she is stepping up once again into a bigger role. As, I have mentioned before, we are committed to keeping the sites a place for mineral owners to learn and network and that is what we plan on continuing!

So a little bit about Annafaith. Her email is goshalecommunity@gmail.com, go send her a warm welcome. You can also friend her on GHS and GMS. 

GHS - https://gohaynesvilleshale.com/profile/AnnafaithMauck

GMS - https://gomarcellusshale.com/profile/AnnafaithMauck

So, I will be checking in from time to time, so you all better be nice to my wife! She’s a talented lady and I look forward to seeing her put her touch to the network. Thank you for your patience with us as we make the transition.



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Good luck! Take full advantage of your opportunities! Virginia is a great state! Glad your wife will keep the site going.
Good news for you Ken! I hope you enjoy Virginia and the home health care biz. I've worked in the home health field with psychiatric patients for many years. I am sure your wife will do a fine job with GHS.

All of us are going to need some sort of in-home care (if we are lucky to long enough!) It's a fast growing field with an aging population who can have multiple disabilities.

Thanks again for all you have done for GHS.

I'm still Hopeful About Natural Gas


Congratulations! Drop by to say hi now and again. I know Annafaith will do a fine job of looking after the sites. She's been through all the skirmishes with you while getting the sites to where they are today. Best of luck with the new career.


Congratulations!! Thanks for everything!!

You've done a great service to all of us, Keith!  Thank you!

Thanks for everything you’ve done. And thanks to your wife.

I was in N. Va. Last week. It’s a booming area.

Thanks for all the well wishes folks...


Congrats on your new opportunity and looking forward to the continuation of the Site with your wife taking the lead. 


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