Chesapeake 1Q’22 Earnings Presentation

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I dipped my toe in CHK stock in 2010 or 11,   Finally dumped it maybe 5 years later, lost about half of its purchase price.

Fool me once….

But it does look pretty attractive for the next few years.

Aubrey screwed up the original version of CHK to the point that it was too debt ridden to last.  Aubrey overpaid on leasehold time and again with no seeming calculation that the price of natural gas is volatile.  Always has been, always will be.  Once that debt was greatly reduced through bankruptcy, the new version of the company had some really good assets to develop.  It didn't hurt that the new company restarted a more robust development program just as prices were increasing.  FYI, I do not invest in any O&G companies.  They are run by gamblers who too often make some really dumb decisions.  Ones where they should know better.  It's called "the smartest guys in the room" syndrome.

I have enough exposure to NG via mineral rights and the general NWLA economy…..

I’ll take investment risk elsewhere!


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