This well is located in the Stonewall area:

In July 2016, Chesapeake placed the CA 12&13-15-15 1H horizontal well on production, targeting the Haynesville Shale in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. This well's results provide further confirmation that the company's current completion optimization techniques, along with extended laterals, are having a significant impact on higher sustained flow rates and the increased potential for higher rates of return in all areas of the Haynesville. With reducing cluster spacing and increased proppant loading, this 10,000-foot lateral well reached a maximum production rate of approximately 38.0 million cubic feet of gas (mmcf) per day with a flowing tubing pressure of 7,400 psi. The company's current estimate of the ultimate recovery from this well is approximately 22 to 24 bcf with an estimated completed well cost of approximately $9.8 million.


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well, i am clearly not an operator hater - i even bought stock in CHK back in the day (lost a bit on that investment) but for the past 5 or 6 years i have been getting royalty payments from 4 different operators from HA wells, and my payments per mmbtu from CHK have consistently been 15 - 25% less than the others, year after year. my best acreage is held by CHK. i will deem it my good fortune if they sold my leases to another company, especially before they drill another well in the unit.

Old Dog is correct that CHK is active, but being paid 80 cents on the $ is a big price to pay.
You must not have any wells with Samson? I'm now being paid 55-60 cents on the dollar and they are not active. While CHK doesn't show me their deductions like Samson does, the CHK payments are usually the same percentage on deductions check to check, no matter what the volume is, which is not the case with Samson. I'll have a Vine well within the next year so I'll have another operator to compare, but as previously said, I've been fairly happy with CHK.
it's not the deductions, it's the price per mmbtu.

but, no, nothing with Sampson

EXACTLY. I get that too!!! I don't think people realize the investment these companies make

Vine has a few long laterals planned. Looks like 9000'. Anyone know of any prior experience they have had or how productive they have been? Thanks.


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