I got a notice today from CHK's bankruptcy firm that CHK is selling the assets of "South Mansfield E&P, LLC" to Williams Company.  The sale includes 50,000 mineral acre leases within the Haynesville Shale.

I'm curious if anyone knows what's included within South Mansfield E&P?  Here's a story I found about several sales by CHK in the last couple of weeks.


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Brix has an application on the 3/30 hearing agenda for 9 HC wells, 4 Bossier and 5 Haynesville, to be drilled in Sections 10 and 15, 10N-12W.  Section 10 is in DeSoto Parish and 15 in Sabine.  Both in the Pleasant Hill Field.  Brix operates Section 10 and South Mansfield E&P is the operator for Section 15.  South Mansfield E&P will continue to operate and report the original unit well for Section 15 while Brix will operate and report the 9 HC wells.

I expect we will see more instances like this where South Mansfield  E&P agrees to HC wells drilled by other operators which include their HA units acquired from Chesapeake.

It looks like the S8126 South Mansfield wells moved to G8906 GEP HAYNESVILLE II, LLC on 9/1/2021 in Sonris.

There is low level horse trading on a regular basis.  I noticed another deal between GEPH and CHK the other day.  Where unit operators do not wish to have another company drill a long lateral well through their unit, the only way to facilitate those HC wells is to swap or sell units.  In most instances, companies would rather drill long reach laterals to lower their costs to produce an mcf.


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