Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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Thanks for posting - production holding pretty flat and consistent - well has found its "level" and will probably keep producing around these monthly volumes for a while (years) assuming no mechanical issues.

Basically 5% to 6% of the max monthly production volume.

Once again coming from an uniformed person,  The gas flare a few nights was bigger than we've ever seen.

Thanks for comments from the field - they must be having some excess gas from their gas lift operation. They must not be able to use all that is being produced.

Only making 70 MCF per day as per latest numbers. 

I am not an artificial lift expert - I would love to hear comments from someone who is more knowledgeable of this technique.

I think it's all going up in the air.  Too far from pipeline as I understand.  Don't know about gas involved in whatever way.

John Santamaria, not to get personal, but my dad (Joseph Slaughter) and my uncle (Robert Bonton) both passed in 2017/2018 lived right off Hwy 361 in Goudeau...did you know them? 

Yes knew Mr. Joe very well.  Good customer of mine and a friend.  He also cut my father in law's yard.  His widow, Shirley just got flooded with the 13 inches of rain we got from Barry.  Didn't know Mr Bonton very well, but he was a good neighbor.  Both fine people.


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