An EOG Pointe Coupee drilling permit has been filed. The well will be located: Sec 29 – Twn 04S – Range 09E.

This looks like a deep downdip test of the Austin Chalk.

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I have to squint a little but that looks like Patterson UTI #285  :-)  1500 HP APEX XK.

OK - that should be sufficient to get to lateral TD

Check the permit, no lateral planned.  It is a straight down hole.  But they seem to want to go to the top of the Tuscaloosa Trend, that is not to penetrate the Trend strata but go through the cap of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale.  My ancestors are cheering them on.

Vertical permits are easily amended to go horizontal should an operator choose.  The true test of intent is not the permit, it is the size casing used.

just reviewed well profile on sonris, did they really drill 13,116 in 7 days?

work permit to frack 13062 to 18205, are they going to drill lateral of 5k?

Ironwood profile just as impressive in less than 30 days drilled lateral to 18k+. waiting to frack .

Weekly rig report out yesterday showed 11 days drilling from spud date.  SONRIS well file may not have been brought up to date as yet. Although there is an amended permit in the database, it is to correct the well name.  I sent Carrie Wiebelt at OOC an email to alert her.  Thanks to Carrie for making the correction.

Of course the permit can be amended.  But as the permit as written now, there is no lateral.  It was you that told me that the description needed a H to be permitted with a lateral.  There is no H descriptor on the permit as of now.  And as adjacent land owner I would be interested if there is an amendment and what is the lateral's bearings?   

Best to hope for an "H" as that would mean that EOG found what they were looking for.  If the intermediate casing is 5", then there is no intent to drill a horizontal off the wellbore.  If the intermediate casing is 7", then it will accommodate the additional 5" final casing string in a lateral.

That would be nice to know the well bore diameter.  I will make inquires of my sources in Point Coupee.  I am personally located in Weatherford, TX and not likely to get over there for some time.  So I would have to depend on others for information.  Not sure they will know or can find out the well bore size.  I do know that one of the old Tuscaloosa Trend wells was used for a lateral over near the New Roads airport.  I have not heard anything about that well in many years.

Click on the link to the SONRIS well file in the discussion title above.  On the well file go down to the fifth section from the bottom, Casing.  There are other reports in the Document Access section of the database regarding casing but this is the easy one to access.  There have been no casing string reporting as yet but check it a couple of times a week.  The surface casing should appear first and should be 9+".  The next string will be the intermediate which will indicate whether the casing is of sufficient diameter to go horizontal.  Casing is expensive but of course EOG and the other major LA AC operators can afford to use casing that provides flexibility...If they find what they are looking for.

Just checked SONRIS, July 01 status says "casing 9 5/8" to 3152'".  So they are moving pretty fast, not as fast as up in West Feliciana but fast enough.   Not sure what that tells us other than the casing to that depth is 9 5/8" in diameter.

What it says is that, assuming no problems and not having to run an extra string of protection casing, they can get this well to TD in a lateral.

Figure we will see 7" casing at intermediate point and then 5.5" casing to TD 

If they run into wellbore problems, however, they have no ability to run another string and get the well to TD.

They would need something like 13.625" surface casing to give them this option. I personally am surprised that they have not gone with a larger hole for "what if" scenarios.


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