Has anyone received a payment from EXCO for March 2018? We received a payment for February.

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Nothing yet...waiting & watching

No payments but we did get their bankruptcy papers to fill out. I have a discussion going about their BK. You should receive you paperwork

Thank you for your reply. We received the bankruptcy papers, but not sure what to do with them!

Yes for March. They have not missed a payment to me.

Well, that’s good to know. I hope we receive ours.

Showed up as a pending payment in my bank account this morning but detail is not yet posted on their website.

Our EXCO payment is pending also.  Thank you for your reply.

Got my check from Exco today!

Check received today on time, same as Exco has done since early  2011.

EXCO check deposited pending clear

Did you receive bankruptcy pmts. in mail

KittyCat UNC if you’re asking me or Bill R the above question but since 2011 all of my Exco rev. chks have been received in the mail & the BKR docs. were also received in the same time frame as others here.


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