Hold onto your pocket books.  Aubrey is back.  


I wonder who is funding/partnering with him.

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WOW!   Sham WOW!

This may be an indication that he is in less trouble with the Feds that others think - or maybe it is just an indication the HE thinks he's in less trouble than most assume.  He's a wildcatter - it's in his blood.  It will be interesting to see, and I don't know that us common folk will actually find out for a while, if he can actually attract investors (again).  I suspect that any investors will have their attorneys and CPAs reviewing those term sheets really closely in any event.

He knows how to make lots of money.

"He knows how to make lots of money."  

True, but he knows how to lose lots of money also.

I always thought he'd land on his feet. Imagine the shale locations that man knows and the deals he could broker.

Here's more.  Aubrey is looking for $1B from investors.  I would not give one cent.  Who would put up money for a guy who has repeatedly shown he cares more about his personal pocketbook and perks than the wealth of his shareholders?



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