Indigo making aggressive offers to purchase mineral rights.

I was recently contacted by a representative with Indigo, who I have current well contracts with. Two of the several wells have only been producing a few months. An initial offer was made, then he increased the offer by 20%, then offered an additional 33% when I seemed reluctant. Why would Indigo be so eager to increase their initial offer by 60%? I asked my O&G attorney what was going on up there but I haven’t been able to get much info. Anyone know if they are planning anything big in DeSoto?

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Hi Dion, 

I sent you a friend request so that I could send you a message. I believe it is still pending. Thanks! 

Renee Brown, Just FYI, when Dion Warr or anyone else for that matter, has the designation of CPL this is the meaning behind it:  

A CPL certification recognizes a landman as an expert in the landman industry, as well as his or her commitment to extensive land management education. Becoming a CPL is the most intensive, requiring either significant experience or a considerable combination of experience and education

Good to know. Thanks for the information! 

Renee, if you don't hear from Dion by Monday, check back and I'll give him a phone call to alert him to your friend request.  He stays busy and tends to come and go here on GHS.

Thanks so much, Skip. 


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