i recently sold 11 acres on atlanta mira road in louisianna area but i kept the mineral rights

 i have decided to sell them ,  what are they worth and  and how do i go about selling them 

thanks david k, merritt

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Basic Rule 2 - 3 times what leasing is going for.

What people are paying for minerals will vary depending on the subsurface potential in any one area. I believe that your area is located in far NW part of Louisiana - much less potential and activity there than to the south in Caddo and other parishes (as well as NE Texas). In active areas, the multiple over leasing can be much higher than 2-3 times.

There are others that normally participate in these discussions that are familiar with process of selling minerals. I am sure that they will eventually post and give you some direction as to how to market your minerals.

thanks rock

david, currently mineral rights in that area have no value owing to the lack of any leasing and development activity.  In LA the sale of the surface estate with reservation of mineral rights effectively creates a mineral servitude.  A mineral servitude is subject to prescription.  The prescriptive period is ten years.  If there is no good faith attempt to drill a producing well in ten years, the prescriptive period expires and the mineral rights revert to the owner of the surface at that time.  So, bide your time and hope that there is some future interest in drilling in the vicinity of your mineral servitude.

You may wish to read up on mineral servitudes to get a much broader understanding.  If so, use these links:



thanks skip you have informed me several times in the past i appricate your input 

Unless you are leased and have a producing well paying you some royalties, the answer to your question is very likely "zero" at your geographic location. At least, odds are against any pro touching it. Sorry.

thanks hale


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