I am sick and tired of reading post after post of landowners who have been taken blatant advantage of by a particular O&G company. 

I want to know if all of us dissatisfied landowners can come together and file a class action lawsuit against them?  If this is not possible, what can be done to make them stop stealing from us and give to us what is rightfully our's?

Surely, they cannot get away with the horrible way that they have and are treating us.


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No, i am not an attorney. Just a small land owner in Desoto parish , La. Have a small interest in about five wells. Paid off fairly good at first now the production is down and the price is down. I understand that, but i do not understand the difference in pay from Chesapeake and other companies. Brewster is the attorney.

What about Exco?  I hope they have been treating us right, but now after reading these posts, I have my concerns.

^^^Is anyone able to answer Ms. Dragonslava's question?

Anyhow, keep these comments coming.

We will get what rightfully and lawfully belongs to us and our decendents.

Without specifics it's impossible to answer Ms. Dragonslaya.  Specifics in regard to the actions of operators and lessors are vitally important.  There are allegations with merit and allegations without.  I know it's hard for the layman to tell them apart.  However I advise restraint in assigning guilt without complete disclosure of facts.  The early days of GHS were rife with anti-industry rhetoric and it led many layman members to make poor decisions.  We don't want to go back to those days having come this far.  The sure fire way to run the contributing industry members off the site is to support a witch hunt that ignores the facts.  And create an toxic atmosphere where many avoid participation.

All of our family dealings with EXCO have been exceptional... First payouts and D.O.'s seem to take a little longer, however they have paid out all that is due without trying to nickle and dime so to death with extra charges or by keeping interest. While most of the others O&G companies are also like that, there are however several of the multiple companies we deal with that are not like that. We have two that are on the 'far side of the World' when it comes to their fair dealing practices and one other that I would like to meet the owner in a dark alley someday. That last one we are currently trying to take back our lease and make them cap the well they put in, even if it means taking our acreage off of the market to resolve it. 


I can say that if you do have problems or issues with anyone, the people on here can either help you or point you in the right direction. This site is problem one of the best things I have come across when it comes to dealing with O&G's!

FYI - An interesting article.

"....The leaseholders also accuse Chesapeake of consistently underpaying proceeds due under their leases. They claim it has refused to correct accounting errors that “typically” favor the company, some of which the leaseholders said they brought to Chesapeake’s attention in October.

The leaseholders are seeking the outstanding proceeds due them, a full accounting and disgorgement of profits related to McClendon’s “preferential treatment,” according to the complaint. They also seek unspecified punitive damages.

The case is MDU Barnett LP v Chesapeake, 12-cv-2528, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas (Houston)."



I wish them luck.  However I'd appreciate some comment from our O&G attorney members.  The lead attorney appears to have a practice focused on personal injury.  I hope he has some experienced O&G co-counsel.


Although it's a relatively minor aside I always wonder about corporations who are unable or unwilling to keep their registration current with the state Secretary of State. 

Company Name:



Not In Good Standing

Filing Date:


Entity Type:

Limited Partnership

File Number:


Filing State:

Texas (TX)

Qualifying State:

Delaware (DE)

Company Age:

3 Years, 4 Months

Principal Address:

99 N Post Oak Ln Apt 1206
Houston, TX 77024-7722


Registered Agent:

Mdu Working Interest LLC
99 N. Post Oak Lane Suite 1206
Houston, TX 77024

Skip, it would be interesting to see what any O&G Attorneys have to say.

Note Skip's posting - the plaintiff appears to be a "straw man" entity.  Just reading the article, it looks like an ambulance chaser's lawsuit.  My understanding, and it is not authoritative, is that Aubrey purchased a working interest in all of CHK's wells - there was no cherry picking.  Additionally, the broad general allegations of accounting errors that favor the company, and other actions that were unfavorable to plaintiffs is vague.  Those kind of claims are often dropped in an amended petition - sometimes rather quickly, and in other situations after some initial discovery.  I may be wrong, and will be interested to follow this, but it appears at first blush to be an attempt to exploit the uninformed outrage against the company in the hope that CHK will settle rather than fight.

Skip, it would be beneficial to see what the O&G Attorneys have to say.


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