Moss Creek Resources Holdings, Inc., a unit of Surge Energy US Holdings Co., has drilled a record-setting well in the Permian Basin, Surge reported Wednesday.

In a written statement, Surge noted that its wholly owned Medusa Unit C 28-09 3AH was successfully drilled to a total measured depth of 24,592 feet (total vertical depth of 7,102 feet). Based on IHS and Drillinginfo databases, the well is the longest known lateral in the Permian, the company noted. Surge added that the well was drilled 100 percent in zone of the Wolfcamp A formation with a total lateral length of 17,935 feet, or 3.4 miles.

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but can they complete it?

Flow back may not be complete until next year!  LOL!

Just what we need!   A Chinese company drilling in the Permian!

That gives me the same feeling I got when CHK sold 1/3 of their Eagle Ford acreage to the Chinese. I guess oil is no longer a strategic asset. ////

CNOOC to buy stake in Chesapeake Eagle Ford assets

Most coil tubing units top out at about 23,000' total length, which is where my comment came from

Torsional stress gets to be a concern at those distances, does it not?

I don't work that side, so I'm not sure of what gives rise to the effective limit.  I don't think the perf guns have the same issues, so torsion is probably right   Dissolvable plugs and the like are getting better, so maybe they have something that doesn't require the coiled tubing unit to get to the end.  

I think you are correct, dbob.  Dissolvable plugs and coil tubing may be used for laterals of this length.

Back in 2008 period, mile long laterals were the norm. Then slowly getting longer to what we are seeing today (and longer). The technology is their to get good cement / casing in place plus stimulate and drill out frac plugs. Coiled tubing still an option but other approaches are available for frac plug drilling.

The Chinese own Moss Creek / Surge but the drillers and contractors here are all Permian Basin experts that don't need a green card to work here! (except for a few from Canada).

In this area, the longer laterals may be the answer to making the play more economic / this area was a bit iffy with shorter laterals.


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